The future of SCCM, now part of the Microsoft Endpoint Management Suite, is well and truly bright. With the emergence of Microsoft’s cloud Endpoint Management solution, Intune, there has been a lot of confusion about the future of Configuration Manager.

Access the Webinar now to discover:

  • What’s New: in the Microsoft Endpoint Management suite?
  • Currently Using SCCM: is it here to stay and what are the latest updates?
  • Intune, The Newcomer: what does it bring to the table?
  • IT Scenarios: when to use Intune and when to use Configuration Manager?
  • Endpoint Co-Management 101: is there value in using both SCCM + Intune?
  • Co-Management: what are the potential risks, considerations, and options?

In this session, our expert team of panelists explores ConfigMgr, Intune and Co-Management solutions and provide insights on which Endpoint Management scenario to use and when. You should walk away with a clearer idea of which tools in Microsoft’s Endpoint Management suite will provide the best value to you.

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