Is your data endangered?

Survey says…

  • 43% of companies had a data breach in the past year.
  • 60% of employees surveyed circumvent security features on their mobile devices
  • 65% of companies surveyed experienced a SQL injection attack in the last 12 months

(Source: Ponemon Institute)

What is your security tolerance level? Where are you vulnerable? What can you do to protect all of your data?

We use a holistic, bottom-up approach to develop and implement the right security solutions for your unique environment.

At Steeves and Associates we adopt a holistic bottom up strategy to system security tailored to your unique environment. Whether publishing information to the Internet, adopting a comprehensive patch management strategy, or securing data with rights managements solutions, Steeves and Associates can help you find the answers. Start with a vulnerability assessment to see where you are. The assessment gives a comprehensive and actionable report on your infrastructure vulnerabilities along with a security architecture review. This can be used to remediate problems, assist with compliance, or as a foundation to upgrade your existing environment.