As the 1st Microsoft Cloud Partner in Canada, an inaugural 100 FastTrack-Ready Microsoft Partner and leading Microsoft System
Center Partner in Western Canada, Steeves and Associates’ have the knowledge and experience your organization needs to keep your data, infrastructure and identity securely protected. 

Steeves and Associates deliver robust data protection solutions while having the experience to answer your questions when you need it most. Ensure the security of your information and get peace of mind today with Steeves and Associates, the data protection experts you can rely on.


Step 1 - Security Audit

We’ll conduct an initial Data, Infrastructure and Identity
Security Audit to identify, detect and plan to eliminate potential security threats to your environment.

Step 2 - Enhanced Security Implementation

Next, we’ll implement an Enhanced Security + Data Protection Service for Microsoft 365 and Azure plan based on your organization’s specific needs.

Step 3 - Enhanced Security Workshop

We’ll deliver an optional Microsoft 365 and Azure Enhanced
Security Best Practices 2-Hour Workshop to your internal
security & IT teams on latest security tools and techniques.

Step 4 - Enhanced Security Plan

A quarterly Enhanced Security + Data
Protection Testing and Update Service for Microsoft 365
and Azure to keep your organization secure and protected.

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