Enable Your Organization with Valuable Cloud Accelerator and Microsoft Security Workshops

Save time and empower your team with an insightful workshop designed to bring your team together to make critical Microsoft cloud and security decisions with the support of an expert and equip your team with the skills and confidence required to secure your organization, improve communication and successfully transition and utilize the cloud.

Fill out the form now to see if your organization qualifies for Microsoft funding for one of the following workshops:

1. Endpoint Management Workshop
2. Threat Protection Workshop
3. Azure Sentinel Workshop
4. Securing Identities Workshop
5. Discover Sensitive Data Workshop
6. Manage and Investigate Risk Workshop
7. Modernize Communications Workshop
8. Teams Apps & Solutions Workshops
9. Transition to the Cloud Workshop
10. Hybrid Meetings Workshop

Why Choose Steeves and Associates?

As the first Cloud Partner in Canada, Steeves and Associates delivers the support and resources you need to secure your organization and enable cloud productivity. Our team of experts has received technical training from Microsoft engineers to deliver informative workshops at the highest standard.

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