Start your cloud journey with a foundational cloud transformation plan with Steeves and Associates, the 1st Microsoft Cloud Partner in Canada and an Inaugural Top 100 Global Microsoft FastTrack Partner.

Steeves and Associates deliver the tenured resources that have the experience to answer your questions when you need it most, with a manically results focused mission, Steeves and Associates is considered to be amongst the best in the industry.

Your 2-Day Office 365/Azure Cloud Roadmap & Transformation Workshop would run as follows:

DAY 1 - Cloud Overview / Requirements Gathering
  • Intro & Objective Setting
  • Cloud Overview – Concepts & Considerations
  • Business Requirements & Environmental Overview
  • Productivity: Discovery & Requirements Gathering
  • Infrastructure: Discovery & Requirements Gathering
DAY 2 - Solutioning Sessions
  • Review of Day 1 work
  • Solutioning Session: Cloud Services
  • Solutioning Session -Cloud Workloads
  • Define Next Steps, Proof of Concepts (POCs), Go-Dos, Follow Ups
Cloud Transformation Workhop Outcomes/Deliverables

(1) A diagnosis and alignment of cloud services + infrastructure.
(2) A defined business/technical requirements document.
(3) A Proof of Concept (POC), for moving specific workloads [optional – highly recommended].
(4) A dedicated resource to transfer experienced cloud knowledge to your internal team.

Steeves and Associates works with you to understand and assesses your current problems and limitations to determine an appropriate cloud roadmap identifying ‘quick wins’ and opportunities for innovation. Complete the form to reserve your 2-Day Cloud Transformation Roadmapping Workshop and we will get in touch to schedule your workshop.

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Modern digital technology, and in particular the cloud, are spurring a transformational change in the way that companies build products, engage with their customers, empower their employees, and optimize operations, so much so that this new digitization of business constitutes a Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Download your copy of “Designed to Disrupt: Reimagine Your Apps and Transform Your Industry” to learn:

  • How the advent of technology is changing enterprise computing;
  • How new cloud capabilities can be applied to any business;
  • The proven, tested and practical set of steps that any company can follow to begin their cloud transformation.

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To succeed in this new competitive landscape, participants must establish a digital feedback loop that translates the information gained from these dynamics into actions that drive customer engagement, transform their products, empower employees, and optimize operations.

Download your copy of “Azure API Management: Driving Digital Transformation in Today’s API Economy” to learn:

  • The importance of Digital Transformation to your business;
  • Why APIs are key enablers for digital transformation;
  • How to publish, manage, and maintain your APIs;
  • How more than 6,000 Microsoft customers are already using Azure API Management to help them transform their businesses.

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To help in your migration to the cloud, we’ve created this myth-busting guide for all-things Microsoft 365. When considering Microsoft 365 to power your organization, you need to know the facts. Your business depends on it.

Complete the form now to download your copy of “10 Myths About Moving to the Cloud” clear up these common misconceptions about the Cloud:


  • We’ll lose control of our data and technologies.
  • Keeping data on-premises is safer than storing it in the cloud.
  • Continuous Cloud updates will break my business applications.
  • If I move, I have to move everything to the Cloud.
  • Corporate spies, cyber thieves and governments will have access to my data.



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Ensuring compliance with standards and regulations is critical to the success of your business. Microsoft has created a compliance framework that is designed to give customers visibility into Office 365’s compliance with global, regional and industry standards, and details how customers can control Office 365 services based on four categories of compliance needs:

  • Microsoft Cloud ServicesPrivacy and Security commitments.
  • Microsoft Cloud ServicesVerified with International standards and terms.
  • Microsoft Cloud ServicesVerified with International and Regional standards and terms.
  • Microsoft Cloud ServicesVerified with International, Regional and Industry specific standards and terms.

Download this eBook to understand how Office 365 utilizes a variety of controls and services to promote transparency and ensure compliance at every level of need.


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Learn more about Office 365 Security and Compliance including:

  • Dual-pronged security with managed service-level and customer-managed controls.
  • Defense in-Depth Strategy with multi-layer security.
  • Denial of Service (DDoS) detention and prevention service.
  • Comprehensive Security Development Lifecycle (SDL).
  • Anti-Malware, Patching and Configuration Management.
  • Advanced Threat Protection and robust Exchange Online Protection (EOP).
  • Customer controls for privacy, security and compliance.

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With Office 365, you can redefine how you communicate and collaborate by co-authoring in real-time, instant messaging (IM), and video and voice chats that make it easier to create, share and work together alongside working with the traditional business productivity apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Download your copy of “7 Ways to Work Smarter in the Cloud with Office 365” to learn:

  • How to turn data into valuable insights.
  • How to synchronize your business across locations and devices.
  • How to work out loud adopting shared notebooks and social technologies.
  • How to simplify and conduct modern meetings that aren’t face-to-face.
  • How to collaborate in real-time to make the cloud work for you.

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Watch Building a Case for SharePoint Hybrid Webinar to discover the consideration you should make when considering a SharePoint Hybrid solution, including:

  • How hybrid deployments can leverage O365 workloads.
  • How eliminating infrastructure elements can lower your IT costs.
  • How feature/function additions will improve your end-user experience.
  • How to mitigate cloud concerns and migration risks.
  • How to build a strong case for SharePoint Hybrid.

Watch the webinar now to find out if deploying SharePoint 2016 in a hybrid environment would be a win-win solution for your organization.

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