What is Microsoft FastTrack?

Microsoft FastTrack is a free (with eligible subscription) service designed specifically to help businesses move their existing systems to the cloud, easily and quickly.

The service provides a smooth transition, with Steeves and Associates and Microsoft engineers working alongside your team. Microsoft provides a suite of best practices, tools, remote assistance and resources to help get the job done.


What Will You Get With Microsoft FastTrack?

In addition to dedicated support for your transition to the cloud, Microsoft FastTrack Ready Partners also offer Microsoft Cloud Accelerator Workshops that further ease and speed up your deployment of Microsoft 365. These workshops cover key issues including secure remote work, getting the most from Microsoft Teams, and compliance, security and identity issues.


Why Steeves and Associates Should be Your FastTrack Ready Partner

As one of the first one hundred Microsoft FastTrack Ready Partners in the world, Steeves and Associates delivers additional support and resources, sponsored by Microsoft, to provide an even smoother customer transition to cloud services. Steeves and Associates provides enhanced components for cloud adoption success, such as best practice planning strategies, onboarding support and user-adoption guidance all while even further reducing your time-to-value proposition.


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