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At Steeves and Associates, our senior team of data centre and infrastructure specialists can guide the way, allowing you to get the most out of your data centre and infrastructure investments. Get insights into the effectiveness of your organization’s current infrastructure with an IT Infrastructure Assessment from Steeves and Associates.


IT infrastructure Assessment


Build a Solid Foundation Today to Support your Tomorrow


IT infrastructure AssessmentYour IT infrastructure is the foundation of your organization. As the data centre evolution continues, you want to leverage the most up-to-date solutions for infrastructure design, management and automation to stay ahead. 

Faced with ever-evolving technology and business needs, it can be hard for an in-house team to modernize IT infrastructure alone. Our expert team can guide the way, enabling you to make the most out of your data centre and IT infrastructure investments.

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Data Centre & IT Infrastructure Management Services


IT Infrastructure AssessmentSee how Steeves and Associates can deliver an IT Infrastructure Assessment and design a migration and management plan that’s tailored to your organization. This process includes:

– IT Infrastructure Assessment and Optimization

– Active Directory Planning, Design, and Consolidation

– Infrastructure provisioning, infrastructure monitoring, application performance monitoring, automation and self-service, and IT service management with System Center.



Private, hybrid or public cloud, we make sure your data and applications are always on, always available, always ready for business.


Infrastructure Assessment


Take Advantage of Data Centre and IT Infrastructure…



Protect your sensitive business data with industry-leading security systems. Multi-layered, built-in security controls and unique threat intelligence based on machine learning, behavioural analytics and application-based intelligence, enable you to identify and protect against a rapidly changing threat landscape. 


Minimize downtime, reduce costs and achieve maximum reliability with the help of software elements such as safe deployment processes, predictive maintenance and failure prediction enabled by machine learning. We provide cost-effective, highly available services with protection against a wide range of failures and outages.


Ensure your IT infrastructure can support you now and scale as your organization evolves. A strategic and comprehensive plan for migrating and managing your infrastructure from Steeves and Associates ensures a flexible and diverse approach that delivers on performance, innovation and efficiency, now and into the future.


Steeves and Associates takes a holistic approach in the review and management of your data center and IT infrastructure to reduce both complexity and risk, to ensure that your IT infrastructure is optimized for your organization’s needs while enabling you to leverage Microsoft’s latest innovations.


Data Centre & IT Infrastructure Solutions Delivered

by Steeves and Associates


IT Infrastructure Assessment

Active Directory


Your IT infrastructure is the foundation of your organization, so it’s critical to leverage the most up-to-date solutions for infrastructure design, management and automation. Get an expert assessment of your existing infrastructure to assess your current situation and highlight areas of optimizing your current infrastructure set up and design.


Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is Microsoft’s cloud-based identify and access management service. When implemented correctly, Azure AD can help you to streamline processes and improve productivity. If your organization needs support with planning, designing and consolidating Azure Active Directory, then our expert team at Steeves and Associates is here to support you.


Device & Application Virtualization

Cloud Migration


Steeves and Associates’ senior team will set your organization up with the right tools for Device and Application Virtualization to support your IT administrators in providing, limiting and parameterizing seamless secure access to applications across your workforce, without having to deal with the complexity of multiple local installations.


Whether you’re looking to migrate from on-premises to a public or private cloud, to a hybrid environment, or a mix of both, Steeves and Associates are the Microsoft Cloud migration experts you need on hand. No matter how complex your environment may seem, we’ve seen it all before and have the knowledge to strategize, plan and facilitate your smooth migration to the cloud.



We Are Data Centre and IT Infrastructure Experts that can Help your Organization Leverage the Most up-to-date Solutions.

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IT infrastructure assessment


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