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Systems can go down for many reasons, whether it’s a fire, a power outage or a cyber breach. Without a solution to ensure business continuity, you are at risk of major business disruptions resulting in lost productivity, customers and potentially significant financial losses.  

That’s why it’s critical that your organization has a comprehensive business continuity plan in place. This plan identifies potential risks and details the steps to take before, during and after a disastrous event, to ensure that your organization can maintain essential functions in the wake of a catastrophe and minimize the risk to your organization’s viability and longevity. 

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Your Organization Deserves an Expertly Developed Business Continuity Plan

Experience real-time failover capabilities with reliable business continuity services to ensure you’re back up and running before suffering costly downtime or data loss in the event of a disruption.

Our Disaster Recovery Team Will Work With You to Define a Business Continuity Plan Tailored to Your Organization.

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Steeves and Associates has the technical expertise and experience to deliver reliable business continuity services with a robust disaster recovery plan, site reviews and failover tests to protect your organization, recover data and get you back up and running fast.


Gain Peace of Mind with Reliable Business Continuity Services:



Feasibility Assessment: The first step in our business continuity service is a feasibility assessment to understand your existing infrastructure and identify potential areas of vulnerability.

Disaster Recovery Plan: Next, we work with your IT team to create a robust disaster recovery plan that’s geared towards your organization’s needs in the event of a disaster.

Disaster Recovery Site utilizing Azure Site Recovery: As Microsoft Azure specialists, we utilize ASR services to coordinate failover and replication of virtual and physical machines.




Business Continuity Planning

Monitoring of Azure Site Recovery: We monitor and review ASR to ensure its availability and readiness to minimize downtime in the event of a disruption.

Semi-Annual Site Reviews: We conduct site reviews every 6 months to assess the integrity of the disaster recovery plan to ensure it remains reliable.

Quarterly Site Reviews: We conduct quarterly site reviews for organizations that wish to benefit from the added protection of more regular monitoring.

Semi-Annual Failover Tests: We use failover tests to check the reliability of the business continuity process by replicating a disaster in a controlled environment.




You’re in Safe Hands with Steeves and Associates’ Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Services




The first step is to consider how an unexpected event could potentially impact your employees, customers, vendors, and operations. We’ll work with you to create a feasibility assessment that explores the types of threats that could occur and identify how these would impact your core business functions. The outcome of this process is a feasibility assessment that forms the basis of our business continuity plan. 

Using the feasibility assessment, we’ll work with your team to explore and assess all aspects of your organization that need to be covered in the business continuity plan. The outcome of this is a reliable business continuity plan that covers all stakeholders, processes and aspects of your organization required to continue to resiliently operate in the event of a disaster. 


Communication & Coordination

Business Continuity Services

 It’s critical to ensure that lines of communication are established in advance of an unforeseen event and remain open throughout a crisis. We’ll work with your team to prepare key stakeholders for the crucial aspects of communication and coordination that are essential for continuing operations when disaster strikes.  Rely on the senior business continuity experts at Steeves and Associates to create a robust business continuity plan to protect your organization. Just as your organization changes and grows, so too should your business continuity plan. That’s why we recommend ongoing reviews and failover tests. 


As a Microsoft Gold Partner and the 1st Microsoft Cloud Partner in Canada, we have a proven methodology and a highly skilled team to deliver best practice Business Continuity Services you can trust. Microsoft Cloud Partner

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